Far from Perfect

This is the first time I have the audacity to write a blog, and I have been waiting to be ready to do it, I want it to be perfect before I’d put it out there, the perfect imagery, the perfect motive, the perfect wording, and this is why I decided to call this one “Far from Perfect”. I was just not willing to put out this anymore waiting for perfection.

Whenever I took a picture, I would always find a similar image much better out there, so I was frustrated thinking: ~ why I didn’t think of this angle, why my hair doesn’t look that perfect or why my photo edits don’t look as crisp, and if you know me, and know that I am a designer, you would think that because of my skills, I’d be more confident of how I can make this work. Well writing a blog has been a goal, for more than a year but I didn’t do it before exactly for that reason lack of confidence.

Well, I decided to take my chances and start writing because, Heck! What’s the worse that can happen? I will get some haters talking? They don’t need motives to do so, like Tay says “ Haters gonna hate”.

I want to introduce myself just in case someone besides my family and friends decide to read this (which I hope at least they do). So let me start by telling you English is not my first language, so please bear with me if you find one or several misspellings, remember this blog is far from perfect.  I was born in Colombia and arrived to Miami when I was 16, I lived for 18 years in Florida, and move to Georgia 6 months ago, I am happily married to an adventurous and very kind man, who I’m blessed to have next to me for he is the one who takes me out of my routines. We have two adorable and spoiled little dogs Abby and Lulu and no babies yet  we might be considering that option soon tho.

To finalize this introductory blog, I would like to share some of the subjects that you can expect on my next blogs these will be, but are not limited to design & photography tips for social media, Married life and pet struggles, and a touch of women and introverted people empowerment.

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