Our getaway to the woods, and how it shifted my business perspective!

On my previous blog, I told you how Sergio and I just had a great vacation time in California. We did so much we ended up needing vacations from our vacation, literally. I was a bit exhausted of all the driving we did around California that I was looking forward to our weekend getaway in this beautiful tiny cabin.

The moment I found out about @getawayhouse, I fell in love with their concept. Their company offers tiny cabins in the woods separated from the busy noise of the city, enabling you to disconnect and re-connect with other areas of your life, whether is your marriage, family or just some spiritual retreat by yourself.

Because the whole purpose of these cabins is to disconnect you from your busy lifestyle, there is no wi-fi, nor TVs or any other form of electronic distraction. All of their outposts are located deep into the woods; thus, probably you won’t even have a signal on your phones. Nonetheless, each cabin is equipped with a landline phone in case of emergencies. Other than the absorbing electronics, we can’t seem to separate from, they are equipped with everything you need to spend a fantastic time away resting.

The cabins are named after their employees’ grandparents.

All cabins have this amazing window facing the forest, to give you an amazing view and privacy.

They are equipped with a stove, utensils, pans, and tin dinnerware.

The toilets are fully functional, and the bathroom has a pocket door for privacy.

They’ll make sure you feel welcomed and loved during your stay at these cabiny.

Yes! There is hot water! and all their soaps, including dish washing are biodegradable.

We obviously did! We spent the whole weekend staring at the window into the forest when it happened to be raining, and when we had the chance, we came out and took a walk around the campgrounds, and started the campfire. Since it rained on Saturday afternoon the temperature dropped, and we decided to turn off the A/C, open every window and felt sleep to the sound of rain in the forest, then we woke up to the singing birds with partially sunny skies after the storm. It was the most surreal moment! We felt as if we were sleeping outside but in a super comfortable situation.

What I loved most about our stay was discovering the culture Jon Staff & Pete Davids founders of Getaway House are trying to nurture. During my visit, I found their book How to Get Away and almost finished reading by the end of the weekend, which is a lot for me to say since I don’t read often.

Their book explains how much our life quality has decreased since the invention of smartphones, and the internet. Our constant need to be checking messages, emails and now, our social media channels, have decreased the quality of our leisure time. We are spending more time looking at a screen than looking out our windows. The book takes you on a journey based on different researches of how much technology is affecting our attention spam, our memory retention and how millennials are suffering senior moments more often, at such a young age than the seniors themselves.

They also talk about what they call the Great Spillover, and what it means is that you allow your work to be interrupted by different things outside your office time, and your time away to be interrupted by work. I was able to relate to this since I am an entrepreneur. All my clients have my cellphone number, and they call me whenever they want, they message me at random hours and sometimes it’s not a message I will receive well, thus immediately affecting my mood when I’m about to sleep or have dinner etc.

Ever since my stay there, I decided not to check my emails after 6 pm, or the weekend, not to read customer messages, and at the same time, I’m consciously avoiding interruptions during my work hours, I take 15 minute breaks and leave my phone away at least an hour before going to sleep. Doing this has allowed me to be more productive, more rested, and in a much better mood.

Besides learning all these things from their book during our stay, we had an excellent time resting, cooking, and just having a lot of hygge moments in this cabin. Our dogs enjoyed running around, and loved their box of treats and toys they gifted them. Also, the views are breathtaking, as you gaze into the stars at night! And into the Georgia mountains during the day.

These cabins are designed for 2 or 4 people; they are great for married couples with dogs, which I noticed was the case of everyone around us that weekend, but also for families with small children. They currently have outposts in NY, Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston and just opened new outposts near LA, Colorado and Dallas. Try these cabins whenever you are planning a short getaway, but if you can’t, at least get their book from Amazon, and start applying those tips. We need to combat our current burn out situation from the digital revolution, with meaningful leisure time.

If you have any questions, let me know or if you wish to book with them use my coupon LUISA25 for a $25 off your stay.

Watch a small video from our stay below.


  • que bello!! he estado pensando ir con Adam uno de estos días.


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