Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board

It’s T-3 Days till Christmas day, and we heard in the news we might get some snow. We’re praying to have our very first white Christmas and this year more than ever is extra especial as it’ll be Emilia’s first Christmas as well.

While we are excited about the news we are preparing ourselves to have the most cozy Christmas morning that day, and it’s appropriate to accompany our warm and fuzzy pijamas with a steamy cup of hot cocoa. With that in mind I wanted to create a beautiful Hot Chocolate Spread for us and our family.

This was actually really easy to create and I honestly think this post should be sponsored by Target (but is not!).  Almost everything on the board is from Target. I even made the waffles with this mini gingerbread waffle maker I bought there.

This hot cocoa dessert board is a take on the trendy charcuterie boards but with sweet toppings for a very hoy jolly cup of chocolate. I’m sharing what I use so you can have a starting point but you should customize it to your family preferences.

The jingle bells and christmas trees are for decoration purpose only (worth to clarify). To start my favorite cookies are shortbread cookies I love to eat them, and the decorated sugar cookies (made by a local baker). I love to stare at them and take photos with those mostly, but they are my sister’s favorites so after the photos are done she eats most of them. There are also chocolate chip cookies which are my brother’s favorites.

We added some waffles because well is Christmas Morning and this is still a breakfast. Marshmallows are a priority here, along with the heavy whip cream (I forgot to add it to the board). Then we also added some hazelnut filled wafer sticks.  For the Chocolate we honestly prefer Milo this is something we usually buy at hispanic stores but Walmart also carries it, in the foreign food lines (Colombian treat). I added these Hot Cocoa stir spoons for the one’s who wanted to try something new.

We are not a fan of mint chocolate, so the peppermint flakes and candy canes are mostly for decoration as well.

What we will be adding is a side of Rum Cake made by @wonderdesserts and some pretty mugs to drink these yummy hot cocoas!

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