How to host a virtual baby shower

How to host a virtual baby shower!

Before the Quarantine started I was already feeling a little overwhelmed, we had a lot in our plate! We were planning on hosting two baby showers, one in Atlanta where we have been living only for almost 3 years now; and the other in Miami where most of our friends and family live. When we started hearing about the outbreak, I was devastated, I had already rented a venue here and in Miami, we had already bought the balloons, the decorations, the foliage, etc! Also, because we literally had not bought a single thing for the baby. We were waiting to see what we needed  after both baby showers.

As the quarantine began we had not choice but to cancel the one in Atlanta. Initially I just wanted to postpone it, but as the days went by, we decided it was better to cancel it. Nonetheless, I thought why not host it virtually? We only had like 20-25 guests and it was easier to do gift boxes and curbside pickup to still make them feel special for celebrating with us.

I’m a DYI type of person, if I can do it myself I’ll first try that and if I fail I’d pay for it. So, if you know me for a while now, you’ll know that my wedding was made 95% by us. I made the decorations, favors, floral arrangements, my flower crown, etc. It was a stressful experience but at the same time it was rewarding to see what we had accomplished together. Yes! My husband not only supports my crazy ideas but gets crafty with me.

Guest Boxes:

Im listing here how I made my boxes, including the videos I watched for my DIYs.

The box: I had them from before but you can find them here for the stuffing I used this.
Rose Bottle: There are plenty of brands, but we found these are Target and were more accessible to us.
Cakescicles: I bought the moulds in Amazon, and found this video super helpful to make them.
Printed Games: I lettered myself the headings, and copy the games from things I found on Pinterest.
Gold Pens: I bought these for them to use with the games.
Favors: We made these oil diffuser Keychains. These I made just by looking at the picture, from Pinterest.
Feather: I added the feather for the boho decoration mostly, had them as well from before.

Tags: I lettered these myself as well, but if you are interested in buying the complete set of games and tags with your baby’s name personalized just send me a message and I will do them for you. I would have two options, printed, foiled and cut, mailed to you. Or just a PDF file so you can print yourself.

Hosting the Virtual Baby Shower

While I completed the boxes, I also created a page on my website to give people the proper directions to join my virtual baby shower. I created a digital invitation which I send to a lot of people online, posted it on my Instagram feed and mentioned it was an opened invitation to whoever wanted to join through my platforms. The day of the event we had so many technical issues, that if you are planning to host one, I would recommend a test run before the official day. So this is what I did and what went wrong, so you avoid making the same mistakes.

  1. For the guest, I created a zoom meeting but made it private with a password. Also, I had to pay for a month because the free version is for 45 min meetings only.
  2. For the public, I just went live on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. I created a page with my games online for the public to participate as well.

The issues I encounter: The zoom meeting with a password made it confusing for the guest to enter the room, It seems that once it asks them for a password to join, they thought it was a mistake. The Instagram Live kept stopping continuously, and because I wanted to back on live it erased the previous Live video; thus I lost the beginning and was not able to re-watch the footage afterwards to read comments, and whoever entered. The Fa

Choosing a Background Setup:

For my background, I wanted to have the balloon garland I was going to have at the baby shower. We watched a few videos and try two methods. One was using a kit that we bought on Amazon, these weren’t the colors we wanted, but it was just a tryout. I tried to set up a beautiful table and take photos for the memories, and since my family was here, we made extra items to decorate.

This was the first garland we did, using a kit that included a tape specially to add the balloons in there, and the other items they provide this is the video we watch to learn how to make it.

This was the garland we ended up using, We used 10in balloons, 5 in balloons, 36 in balloons, foiled balloons, and glitter balloons. We did not use the tape on this one, instead we use fishing line as I noticed the other didn’t looked as stuffed as I wanted. I used this video from @mom-klosetballoons

Flower Arrangements

I bought several of my flowers before the pandemic from Home Goods and TJ Max. Then I also bought some from Afloral, and some from this Etsy Shop.

My vases I got it from before as well, Home Goods, TJ Max, Ross, and Anthropologie.

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If you’d like to see the rest of the images from the baby shower, visit: My Virtual Baby Shower Recap!

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