Mobile Photo Editing Before & Afters

First of all, I would like to thank YOU! for participating on my survey, and for your support always.

I thought you might be interested on finding out how I edited your image, so I wanted to share with you my favorite apps for photo editing, and the one’s I used for each Image. Please keep in mind that every photo is unique and that even when filters, and presets help a lot to improve your image it depends a lot on how your photo was taken. Meaning the light, the environment and composition will always be the main factor for a great shot.

Apps Used:

  • Lightroom – Free, this app is amazing when you have some knowledge on photography editing. I use it to edit exposure, contrast, colors etc. The good thing about this one is that even if you don’t have much knowledge you can buy presets done by other bloggers to enhance your photos. Again just remember that the same preset won’t always work for every photo, sometimes you’ll have to edit the settings yourself to accomplish the same style on every picture.
  • QuickShot: $3.99 x month. The beauty of this app is that allows you to easily change the sky on your photos, or use overlays to add sun flare effects, bokeh, and many others. It also comes with a portrait feature that blurs the background on a simulation of Depth of field, making it easy to remove background distractions and bring focus on the main subject. It bring amazing filters too, and you can edit exposure, contrast, saturation etc. inside the app as well.
  • Procreate – $9.99 once – This is my favorite app, just because I am a lettering Artist and I use it almost everyday to do my lettering designs. It allows you to have different layers just like photoshop, thus allowing me to play with masking tool and create fun interlacing texts around people or objects.
  • Snapseed – Free , This one is my go to app for editing curves and bringing light into the images, the curve option allows me to edit the exposure easily, and the healing tool will allow me to correct things around the image. Although this one is not the best app for healing sometimes do the trick, and it is very user friendly.
  • VSCO – Free – Complete filters $20 yearly – This one has a lot of great filters, most people used this app before Lightroom presets became so popular. It is way easier to use, and you can easily create a theme you can be consistent with using this app. Again remember the filters won’t work the same on every image. This would be my suggestion for beginners, once you get familiarized with editing images you can move to Lightroom.


If you think this information was useful to you, or if you have any questions. Please comment below! 🙂 Don’t forget to share this post to show some love ! ❤️

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