Snapshot of my Photography Workshop

Have you ever come out with a great idea based on your audience needs, and somewhere in the middle decided maybe it wasn’t as great as you thought? That’s exactly what happened to me with this workshop. Somewhere in the middle of planning it, I decided to cancel it.

Fortunately, I reached out to the most encouraging person I have met through Instagram Michelle Poler, from @hellofears and I told her I was about to do that. She encouraged me to not give up on my initial plan, and took the time to send me some very inspiring messages, that made me changed my mind. I needed to be reminded that even if it didn’t come out as I expected, it was just the beginning of something greater.

I almost allowed my “Fear of striking out, kept me from playing the game”.

I was discouraged as the days were passing by, and I could not sell my tickets. I approached several local women’s groups and influencers to help me promote my workshop, and some were very kind to do so without question, others completely ignored me.

A week before the workshop, I called it quits. I was about to refund the two tickets I had sold, yes only two tickets and the workshop was a week away. The place where I was hosting the event decided to paint a mural on the white wall, where I had planned to hang a balloon garland, as a photo station. I couldn’t hire the food vendor for the grazing table I wanted to provide my guests with and I had exceeded my budget.

Like most people, my biggest fear was how I was going to look in front of the people who knew about it? I didn’t want to be seen as a failure. I knew what I was offering was worth the money. I wanted to give them real advice, and most importantly I wanted it to be an event where they felt welcome, learned the whole process and were able to see how much love I put into this workshop.

In the end, I decided to persist. I waited, and within that week I sold 6 more tickets and gave away one the day of my birthday. I did the event just as I had imagined it even when I only had 9 attendees out of the 15 I initially expected.

But it was great because I was able to approach everyone and show them how to use their cameras, I showed them how to set up their flat-lays. Also, because the space would have never worked for 15 people even though they told me there, I can host up to 20 people.

I started by giving them the theory behind the process, we then spread out in tables and everyone practice what I have just shown them, using the props I provided them on the gift boxes. We took a break and had lunch in the fantastic grazing table I had imagined, which my husband was able to accomplish. We ended up the evening by editing the images we took during the workshop, using the presets I developed especially for the class. At the end of the day, I was more than satisfied with the result of the event, and so were my guests. And that made me really happy and glad I decided not to allow my fear control the outcome of my goals.

I am very open at sharing this, even when most people would not admit they also go through it when hosting their events for two reasons. One that I’ve learned from Michelle Poler as well (#Sharethewholestory). People are so used to only seeing the highlighted reel of our careers, and lives on Instagram that is necessary to shine light into our process, and the not so pretty parts of it as well.
And two because I want to encourage you not to give up as well. Give your dreams time to flourish, and remember that “All Big Things Have Small Beginnings.” (- Which was actually written all over the gift boxes on my workshop).


Below some pictures of my lovely guests at the workshop.

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  • Everything was just perfect! Thank You for this fantastic day!

    Erika Berger
  • This workshop was amazing!!! Hands down Luisa did an exceptional job! Her photography workshop was very informative and gave so many props,spaces and lighting for us to work with to take different shots. She went above and beyond giving each guest a beautiful box filled with goodies so that we could use for flat lays. But most of all each of her guest got pictures taken with the lovely backdrop she created. Plus the lunch was beautiful what a spread with fruit and cheeses. I left her workshop fully confident and had the ability to recreate some flat lays we worked on at home using her techniques. I am extremely happy I got to take this amazing workshop!!! Thank you Luisa and her amazing team for putting a successful event! Plus Luisa thank you for not giving up and pressing forward and moving beyond the fear!!!!

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