Pipe Clothing Rack DIY

I came across the idea of building this pipe clothing rack, after staring at my super cluttered closet. I concluded I needed to go full “Marie Kondo” mode on it. But before I decide on throwing away half my closet, I wanted to be able and look at my clothes from another perspective.

I went online (of course) to try and purchase a beautiful gold clothing rack that in my head will have multiple purposes. I found some cheap ones, but not pretty at all. If this thing was going to be out in a room, I want it to look cute, was my first thought. The ones I liked were costly, ranging above $150. Therefore and because of that curiosity gene I inherited from my Dad, I wanted to make it myself.

I found a few blogs with instructions, but I didn’t like the simple style on it, then I found the perfect one an A-Frame Rack photo and liked it a lot. Unfortunately, there were no instructions on how to build it, so I made it just by looking at it. And, so you don’t have to do the same, I’m sharing my process with you.

You need:

Click the links below for details

Steps are really simple:

Cut the 10 ft pipes as follow:

  • 4 – 4.5 Feet long (you will have 1 foot remaining on each pipe) – Do not cut the 1-foot pipes as these will be used on your base.
  • 3 – 4 Feet long ( you will have 2 feet remaining on each pipe)
  • Using the remaining 2 feet pipes, cut 4 pieces of 2-inch pipes (these would be your legs) and
  • 4 pieces of 1-inch pipes, (this is how tall your base will be from the floor so it’s up to you if you want them longer).

Assemble Frame:

  1. Grab your (4)- 4.5′ Pipes – Attach (2) using (1) Tee Fitting and (1) Elbow. Glue the fittings to the pipes. (Do not glue the part where the elbow meets the Tee fitting as you need this to move, to allow you to disassemble later)
  2. Do the same for both sides. Once dried, Open each side to make the A-Frame.
  3. Attach (1) of the 4′ Pipe across to the other side.

Assemble Base:

  1. Grab your (4) – 2″ Pipes and attached them to (4) Tee fittings. On the end size place the (4) Copper Caps Glue each one together, these are your legs.
  2. Grab your (4) – 1″ Pipes and attached them to the Tee fitting on one side and the other one to the Copper Caps.  (Glue these together)
  3. Grab your (2) – 1′ Pipes and attach them to your legs Vertically
  4. Grab your (2) – 4′ Pipes and attach them Horizontally forming the rectangle base. Glue your base together; this will avoid them to disassemble when you are trying to move it around.

Finish Assembling:

  1. Attach the A-Frame to the base. Boala!
  2. I had a shelf from Ikea I was not using, so I placed it on top of my base, and it worked out perfectly. (not necessary)

When you don’t need this around, just disassemble and place it under your bed as it lays flat on the floor.

This is my first time writing a DIY. I thought of sharing this only because I had great feedback on my stories. I hope you enjoyed it!

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