Splashing into Summer

A few days back, I hosted the second photoshoot session along with Bekah and Katy. We had an excellent time with other ladies from the Atl Girl Gang again, as we gathered for this “Fun by the pool” session. Just as the previous event, it was all about collaboration; so everyone contributed with food, decorations and the most adorable floats. I even baked some pop-cakes (which allow me to discover baking is definitely not my forte). We also were able to take some 4th of July themed shots in the process.

On the day of the event the rain chances were really high, we expected some scatter thunderstorms, which made half of the crew cancel at the very last minute. I foresaw some cancellations, considering that when hosting a free event 40-60 people will show interest, 20 – 25 will confirm and half of those will show up. In this occasion, 10 women were perfect, since this was been hosted at a private house and the pool would’ve looked too crowded.

So with such numbers, you can imagine how discouraging it is to plan these free events. However, I believe that even if only 4 or 5 girls benefit from it, get to feel encouraged and have the chance to connect and make new friends, it’s all worth it.

My intention with these photo sessions is to bring back human connection in a world of algorithms and hashtags. Most of us are entrepreneurs, bloggers, content creators, photographers, so we spend a lot of time behind a screen, and very few creating real relationships with other woman. We get extremely caught up in our virtual bubbles that making new friends takes an extra effort.

Therefore, I set  on this goal to break the trend of just been friends through Instagram and take the friendship out of the screen, but in order for me to do that I needed to find common ground for all of us. Thus, the idea to gather and share something we all enjoy “creating content”. These events aim to take the “comments & likes” out of the app and into real life, giving us the chance to appreciate the person behind the cute images.

Ultimately, I desire to grow a community around us, instead of just a fan base; to host these events not only locally, but also in other major cities, while getting more ladies involved who can benefit from these events.

While I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as the images. I would love to hear from y’all about themes for the upcoming months? Also, if you’d like to participate in the next one here in Atlanta, leave a comment below, to be added to the guest list.

PS: I leave you with our “Happy 4th of July” photo. Enjoy the upcoming holiday and long weekend.

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