Spring Photo Sesh with the Gang

If you don’t know this by now, I love taking photos! It’s one of the things I love most about my career, and this passion has evolved throughout the years. I started doing portraits to my family and friends, then move to product photography, food styling, flat-lays, and now I’m starting to move into styled photo-shoots.

So for spring, I wanted to do a “friends in the park” stylized session, celebrating the arrival of spring. As you know, I’m new to the city, and I have made just a few friends. Therefore I decided to post my idea on a group I belong called Atl Girl Gang.

Photo: Isai Zepeda

Photo: Isai Zepeda

To my surprise, many ladies were interested in being part of my photo session, and create content together for our blogs and Instagram accounts; many of them offered to collaborate with makeup, hair, wardrobe etc. The event had such a great response that I had to split the group into two different dates, and I invited a few other photographers to ensure we all had our pictures taken.

So we headed to Piedmont Park, bunches of flowers in hand, my cute bike (my husband gifted me for Valentines), several outfits, accessories and cameras ready. I have to admit, I was very anxious as I didn’t know any of these girls. Nonetheless, I took it as an opportunity to meet new like-minded ladies, have a great time and produce some cute content.

Photo: Isai Zepeda

We had such a great time both Thursday and Saturday, not only for the pretty pictures we took but because I got to meet some amazing ladies while doing it. It was fabulous to see a bunch of strangers coming together to support and encourage each other. Since the event was so beneficial for all of us, I decided to make it a recurring event. I genuinely believe it allowed us to interact with each other on a friendlier way while expressing ourselves creatively. Hence it encouraged me to share my take on the whole event with you.

Photo: Isai Zepeda

Photo: Jannet Blas

Photo: Isai Zepeda

I knew meeting new people gives me anxiety and makes me a little uncomfortable, and I realized that’s only the result of my insecurities. Which in other words translate to lack of self-love. So, what was it?  What is that I don’t like about myself, that makes me afraid people will notice? My accent! It makes me extremely embarrassed. But, this year has been all about being comfortable in my own skin, embracing my flaws and turning them into my superpower.
Now, why would that embarrass me? Well, I’m afraid of judgement, what would they think? But this time instead, I decided to ask myself: Is it relevant? Sometimes we create issues in our head that don’t even exist. Most people don’t mind accents, in fact, that actually means you are bilingual so you could always play that in your favour.

So, with this I’m encouraging you, to get out of your comfort zone continuously. Not only moving to a new city or making radical changes in your life brings growth, but also these tiny things from our character that blocks us from embracing our best-self. Remember “Turn your flaws into your superpower”.

Now below are some more of my favorite photos from both days.

Photo: Isai Zepeda

Photo: Maria Dix

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